New Compact Voice Alarm System

The VX-3308WM is a combined PA and VA system based on the VX-3000 system. It can work as a stand-alone unit as well as being combined with all VX-3000 units.

It is certified on the European Standard EN54-16 for fire alarm systems. It provides 4 audio input channels and the connection of up to 8 remote microphones. The two equipped 300 watts power amplifiers can be expanded byor exchanged with other VX-3000 power amplifier modules so that it can provide up to 1000 watts speaker line power.
Two emergency broadcast messages can be broadcast simultaneously. The system can be configured in a distributed arrangement using Ethernet networks that can overcome up to 30 km distance when building in optional Ethernet switches. The following DSP functions are available: complex filtering (PEQ, HPF, LPF, shelving, CD-horn EQ, notch), compressor and delay that enables appropriate acoustic adjustment for individual input sound sources and outputs. Helpful features as feedback suppressor or voice-controlled broadcast activation (VOX) support the easy use of the system. The smart ANC function enables ambient noise control. The ANC is not affected by the audio signal it controls, so that the installation location of the sensor is not critical.

Indicators show a detailed fault status of the system including the fault status required by EN54 as well as the fault of each single speaker line, furthermore the status of the power amplifier's audio signal, the network and remote microphone. It has 8 speaker output channels. Two power amplifier modules (VX-030DA) are pre-installed and one amplifier module can be added. Equipped with a matrix output, the VX-3308WM can be used as 2-bus speaker selector using 2 power amplifiers. Setting the matrix output destination makes 1-bus and 2-bus zones coexist.

  • Compact: flat unit, can be mounted in narrow environment (e.g. corridor)
  • Compact: Complete PA and VA system in one unit, i.e. from power supply until power amplifiers
  • Cost and time effective: all components come connected in a standard configuration, only external components are to be connected
  • Flexible zone assignment to amplifiers and overlap assignment
  • Up to 8 remote microphones per unit
  • Light-weight: digital power supply and amplifiers
  • Energy saving: Standby function for low power consumption during battery backup reduces the required battery capacity
  • Decentralized: IP Network based, max 160 units can be combined
  • Smart ambient noise control (ANC) that distinguishes between the broadcast audio and environmental noise so that the volume control is not influenced by the broadcast audio even the sensor is installed near a loudspeaker
  • Up to 600 watts output power into 8 zones
  • Fully compatible with the (rack-mount) VX-3000 system

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Specyfikacje produktu:

220 - 230 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz

Pasmo przenoszenia

40 Hz - 20 kHz (±1 dB)


< 1 % (przy 1 kHz)

Pobór mocy

1100 watts (at rated output incl. charging), 460 watts (EN 60065)

Stosunek sygnał/szum

60 dB (A) (or more, at DA control link)

Wejścia sterujące

16 (contact), 2 (voltage controlled), all with surveillance

Wyjścia sterujące

8 (open collector, no-voltage make contact, control current max. 10 mA, withstand voltage 28 V DC, on RJ45 jack).

4 (no-voltage make contact, relay contact (NC, NO, C), control current: 2 mA to 5 A, withstand voltage: 125 V AC, 40 V DC, Connector: removable terminal block (12 pins)

Wejście / wyjście

4 balanced audio inputs, sensitivity -20 dBV (line)/-60 dBV (mic), impedance: 47 kohms, phantom power 24 V selectable by software.

2 remote microphone inputs for up to 8 units.

8 speaker line outputs, insulated from earth


AC Power in (green) ×1, Run (green) ×1, Emergency (red) ×1, CPU Off (red) ×1, LAN A (green) ×1, LAN B (green) ×1, RS Link A (green) ×1, RS Link B (green) ×1.

Fault Status (yellow): General ×1, Unit ×1, Network ×1, EMG Mic ×1, Fuse ×1, Power ×1, CPU ×1, Zone ×8.

Amplifier: Peak (red) ×3, Signal (green) ×3, Operate (green) ×3, Power (green) ×3.

Battery (green): Charging ×1, Battery power ×1, connection ×1, condition ×1


AC-mains: 2 pin screw terminal at breaker, 1 screw terminal for earth

Speaker outputs: 6-pin removable screw terminal block ×4

Control inputs: 9-pin removable screw terminal blocks ×3

Emergency control inputs: 5-pin removable screw terminal block ×1

Control outputs: 9-pin removable screw terminal block ×1, 12-pin removable screw terminal block ×1

Network: 9-pin removable screw terminal block ×2

Internal connections:

DC power supply (max. 25 A): 2-pin screw terminal ×1

DC power supply 24 V DC, 0.3 A: 4-pin removable screw terminal block ×1

Zakres wilgotności względnej pracy

90% RH or less (no condensation)

Zakres temperatury pracy

-5 °C to +45 °C (23 F to 113° F)




33,1 kg

Akcesoria (w zestawie)

Removable terminal plugs: 9 pins ×8, 6 pins, 3.81mm ×2, 5 pins ×1, 6 pins, 5.0mm ×4, 12 pins ×1, 4 pins, 3.81mm ×1, CD (PC setting software) ×1, Battery cable 80 mm ×1, PA connecting cable 16pin ×1, PA output cable 2pin ×1, DC Fuse 30A ×1, 1 m double Velcro tape ×2, battery pole cover ×4, Key ×2

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